Kur paēst Ainaži
Kur paēst Aizkraukle
Kur paēst Aizpute
Kur paēst Aknīste
Kur paēst Aloja
Kur paēst Alūksne
Kur paēst Ape
Kur paēst Auce
Kur paēst Baldone
Kur paēst Baloži
Kur paēst Balvi
Kur paēst Bauska
Kur paēst Brocēni
Kur paēst Cēsis
Kur paēst Cesvaine
Kur paēst Dagda
Kur paēst Daugavpils
Kur paēst Dobele
Kur paēst Durbe
Kur paēst Grobiņa
Kur paēst Gulbene
Kur paēst Ikšķile
Kur paēst Ilūkste
Kur paēst Jaunjelgava
Kur paēst Jēkabpils
Kur paēst Jelgava
Kur paēst Jūrmala
Kur paēst Kandava
Kur paēst Kārsava
Kur paēst Ķegums
Kur paēst Krāslava
Kur paēst Kuldīga
Kur paēst Lielvārde
Kur paēst Liepāja
Kur paēst Līgatne
Kur paēst Limbaži
Kur paēst Līvāni
Kur paēst Lubāna
Kur paēst Ludza
Kur paēst Madona
Kur paēst Mazsalaca
Kur paēst Ogre
Kur paēst Olaine
Kur paēst Pāvilosta
Kur paēst Piltene
Kur paēst Pļaviņas
Kur paēst Preiļi
Kur paēst Priekule
Kur paēst Rēzekne
Kur paēst Rīga
Kur paēst Rūjiena
Kur paēst Sabile
Kur paēst Salacgrīva
Kur paēst Salaspils
Kur paēst Saldus
Kur paēst Saulkrasti
Kur paēst Seda
Kur paēst Sigulda
Kur paēst Skrunda
Kur paēst Smiltene
Kur paēst Staicele
Kur paēst Stende
Kur paēst Strenči
Kur paēst Subate
Kur paēst Talsi
Kur paēst Tukums
Kur paēst Valdemārpils
Kur paēst Valka
Kur paēst Valmiera
Kur paēst Vangaži
Kur paēst Varakļāni
Kur paēst Ventspils
Kur paēst Viesīte
Kur paēst Viļaka
Kur paēst Viļāni
Kur paēst Zilupe
Kur paēst Roja
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Best Pizza img lokals.lv € 2.00 Pizza 30 cm img Cheese, tomato sauce, ham, onion rings, salami € 4.45 Evian mineral water img Minerālūdens Evian € 1.00 Coca-Cola img Coca-Cola € 1.00 Rye bread img wheat flour, rye flour, sugar, salt, dry yeast, cumin, coriander, vegetable oil € 1.00 Curd cranberry pie img cottage cheese, sugar, cranberries, wheat flour, protein, gelatin € 1.00 chocolate cake img dark chocolate, whipped cream, flour, sugar, cocoa, peach puree, strawberries, fruit, almond crumb € 5.00 Sandwich core dessert with raspberries img raspberries, cream, sugar, grated bread, peaches € 3.00 Sandwich core dessert with cherries img cherry, cottage cheese, cream, oatmeal, sugar € 2.50 Pancakes with curd img a meal , egg mass, milk, sugar, salt, cottage cheese, vanilla sugar, vegetable oil € 2.50 Pancakes with meat img Flour, egg mass, milk, sugar, salt, pepper, pork, onions, vegetable oil € 3.00 Pumpkin soup with coconut milk img pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, onions, celery root, coconut milk, processed cheese, freshly squeezed ginger juice, salt, sugar € 3.00 Fresh vegetable salad img tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce € 3.00 Caesar salad with chicken breast img romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, toasted white bread, hard cheese, garlic, anchovies, Worcester sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, sugar € 3.60 Dill sauce img mayonnaise, dill, lemon juice concentrate, salt, sugar € 1.00 Salmon shashlik img salmon fillet, vegetable oil, lemon juice concentrate, dill, garlic, salt € 6.00 Trout steak img trout, Tabasco sauce, lemon juice concentrate, salt, sugar € 5.60 Fried sausages img Fried sausages € 3.40 Pork chop img pork chop, a meal / l, eggs, salt, pepper, vegetable oil € 4.50 Pork in French style img pork chop, onion, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, eggs, salt, pepper € 4.60 Grilled pork ribs img marinated pork ribs, mustard, lactose € 5.00 Pork cutlet img ham, pork bacon, onions, garlic, eggs, bread, salt, pepper € 3.00 Chicken cutlet img chicken, chicken breast, onion, garlic, egg mass, bread crumbs, dill, salt, pepper € 3.50 Chicken Pilaf img chicken, onion, carrot, garlic, rice, vegetable oil, ketchup, salt, pepper, lemon juice, allspice, hot chili peppers € 3.50
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